Miscellaneous Datasets

There are plenty of other datasets on all aspects of music history – surveys of publishers, dictionaries of musical themes, instrument catalogues, among others. Here is a selection.

Dataset Comments
Psalms in metre (1644)1 Psalm tunes and incipits – one of the earliest examples of a thematic catalogue. Available at Google Books.
Breitkopf Catalogue (1762)2 Thematic catalogue of Breitkopf’s publications (about 14,000)
Bartók (c.1905)3 Over 3,000 Romanian folk music melodies collected by Bartók
Cecil Sharp (1903–23)4 5,000+ English folk songs collected by Cecil Sharp
Dictionary of Musical Themes (1948-50)5 9,800 instrumental themes,  6,500 vocal themes. Designed to identify themes from a short series of pitches.
Directory of Classical Themes (1975)6 About 10,000 musical themes (based on previous entry). Designed to identify themes from Up/Down/Repeat sequence.
ABC Tunefinder Meta-search for folk-tunes in ABC format.
Peachnote Theme finder, covering 160,000 works in music files from IMSLP and elsewhere
Themefinder Folk, Classical and Motet themes – 35,000 incipits
British publishers (1900)7 A survey of about 500 British music publishers. Available at archive.org
Publishing in the British Isles (1970)8 Survey of about 2,200 British music publishers, printers, etc to 1850.
Victorian music publishers (1990)9 Survey of about 1,500 British music publishers 1830–1900.
Harpsichords and clavichords (1440-1840)10 Survey of harsichord and clavichord makers and about 2,000 surviving instruments.
Historical woodwind instruments11 Inventory of 200 makers and 4,900 woodwind instruments.
Medieval Instruments (400-1500)12 Survey of 500+ extant medieval instruments.
Minim-UK Online catalogue of over 22,000 musical instruments in UK collections with links, photographs and other details
Listening Experience Database Database covering individuals’ experiences of listening to music
Music Lyrics Database Lyrics of almost a quarter of a million songs by over 11,000 artists
Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology Details of around 15,000 theses and dissertations from the last 100 years or so
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